Early Dinner & Honeymoon Research

So I sat down at 8 pm with every intention to post. It’s now 9:30 and all I’ve accomplished is researching wildly out-of-budget honeymoons. Time to come back to reality.

After breakfast, I managed to get a bit of work done and then it was time for a workout! I had originally planned to do the full Physique 57 workout and a short walk today, followed by a longer walk/run with the puppy tomorrow. After checking out the weather and seeing tomorrow’s predicted 3 inches of rain I made the executive decision to change things up.

Instead I did the express 30 minute P57 (still finished up with burning legs!) and then took Sydney on her longest walk/run to date: 2.5 miles! We finished in just over 50 minutes, which is quite an accomplishment with a puppy who stops to sniff, chew pinecones and bark at squirrels every few seconds!


After showering it was time for lunch- a Mexican inspired salad. Tortilla shell base, lettuce, tomato, black beans and some random feta. Lemon juice, black pepper & EVOO dressing.

Cantaloupe and half a pumpkin-oatmeal cookie for dessert!


This afternoon’s tennis match was a complete blowout, but fun to watch. We knew going in that it should be an easy match, so I challenged the girls to try some harder shots and be more aggressive in their play. And they did! It was fun to see them challenging themselves and inspired me to do the same in my workouts!

A quick match meant dinner at a decent hour with Jim! He had leftover casserole from his mom, while I made an open faced sandwich of deli turkey, apple and cheddar. I popped it under the broiler until the cheese melted and enjoyed fixed a huge salad of mixed greens and Parmesan on the side, topped with my usual lemon/pepper/EVOO dressing.


After dinner we popped in a Sandals DVD to do some honeymoon research and that’s when I got distracted. 😉 We weren’t intrigued by the DVD but don’t want to rule out an all inclusive. Right now our top honeymoon contenders are Hawaii (Maui), Costa Rica or a Mediterranean cruise. And then this evening I discovered the West Indies, so in short we really have no idea where to go. 😉

Any honeymoon recommendations?


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