Ready for the Weekend

Popping in for a quick post before the weekend officially begins!

I spent most of the morning doing work with a trembling puppy on my lap:

Sydney had a confrontation with her arch nemesis today- the vacuum. 😉

I also spent a good chunk of time changing out my summer/fall wardrobe. So ready for the change of seasons after the pumpkin spice this morning!

Before I knew it the morning had gotten away from me and I had two hours to workout, shower and grab lunch before leaving for the match. I decided on the express version of my favorite workout- physique 57.

Love love love the burn in my quads after a quick 30 minute workout! Afterwards I took Sydney on a 30 minute walk/jog (we’re still working on the leash thing!) and made it back just in time to shower and throw together a lunch to eat on the bus.

Beans to the rescue! My go-to combo of black beans, avocado, tomato and lemon juice:

Hit. The. Spot.

I also grabbed a Luna bar for the match and snacked on two mini pumpkin muffins one of my players’ grandma baked. Someone was definitely on my wavelength!

After complete blowout with a team we weren’t slated to beat, I’m ready to get this weekend started! Off to my parents’ for crabs!

Have a great weekend

Ps the wedding page was updated today!!