Early Monday

My week got off to a verrrrry early start.


That picture was taken after I’d been up and about for half an hour!  Yikes.

On Thursday I’ll be starting my long-term substitute position.  School starts at 7:15, which means I’ll be leaving the house between 6:15-6:30 am.  I thought I’d better get a jump start on my new schedule this morning, since school starts about the time I’ve been waking up all summer.  😉

Instead of sitting like a zombie at the kitchen table, I took advantage of the extra time in my day and had 2 loads of laundry through the washer, another 2 loads folded, dishwasher emptied and kitchen cleaned by 7 am!  As soon as I finished, I packed up Sydney and my computer and headed to my parents’ house. (we don’t have internet, so I do a lot of work at my parents’ during the week)

While the computer was booting up, I fixed myself a passionfruit Cho bowl with oats and walnuts and poured another 1/2 cup of coffee.


Perfect way to start a Monday!

On the agenda for today: some wedding planning, online shopping for a friend’s engagement gift (I may spend the day on Crate & Barrel!), a P57 workout, walk with Sydney and then a tennis match this afternoon!  I’m also hoping to do some meal planning for the week.

Here’s to a productive Monday!


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