Sunday in the Kitchen

If Saturdays are cleaning day, Sundays have become baking day around here. I love the thought of spending the afternoon in the kitchen with no obligations. 🙂

This morning we were actually able to sleep in for a bit…puppy included! When we finally rolled out of bed I had one thing on my mind- pancakes! Bisquick for him, pumpkin oat protein pancakes for me.


Recipe to come!

After breakfast we had a few things to get done around the house and I prepped living room tailgate goodies before leaving to help with a tennis camp for an hour. Feeling full from breakfast, I managed to keep my fingers out of the chips, salsa, relish and smokies in bourbon sauce. Barely 😉

After tennis is was kitchen time! First up was a double batch of French bread.

We don’t usually keep white bread around the house, but this was a special exception because it was meant to accompany my next concoction- chili.

I’m really not a fan of chili, but it’s fun to make and Jim had some guys over to watch the Eagles/Ravens matchup so I figured it would go over well. And according to the guys went over great. 🙂 It’s hard to judge a recipe when you don’t personally eat the food!

In between recipes I stopped for a quick, late lunch of smashed chickpeas and avocado atop two slices of fresh bread. Simple but tasty!

Last up was a batch of oatmeal cookies. Last weekend I made a batch that was great, but throughout the week I had a few ideas for healthy swaps and changed today’s recipe up a bit. Let’s just say that the lack of butter does not equal lack of taste. These guys are awesome…another recipe to come. 😉

As soon as I hit publish and finish up my mug of tea, I’m headed off on a run with my favorite little lady!



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