Wedding: The Proposal

Obviously I started the blog to keep track of my pre-wedding shape-up, so I thought I’d start a wedding page to keep track of the planning process! Let’s start things off at the beginning: the proposal.


First a little background. Jim and I go way back. Like all the way to first grade way back! Yep, we even had the same teacher. 😉 So we’ve technically known each other since. Fast forward to middle school, Jim’s family moves in down the street and he quickly becomes one of my best friends. I inevitably had a crush on him the whole time but could never quite get up the nerve to say anythings. (isn’t that how it always goes?)

In high school we played tennis together and I began dating another guy on the team, going on to date him through senior year and into my first year of college. Jim had a few girlfriends here and there, but we stayed great friends.

Which takes us to the end of sophomore year. I broke up with my boyfriend of a few years, Jim was single and needed a date to his sister’s wedding, and the rest is history. 🙂

Five and a half years later, we decided to take a vacation to Jim’s family’s vacation home in Naples, Florida. Originally it was planned as a group trip but schedules didn’t quite match up with our friends for one reason or another and it ended up being a trip for the two of us. Ok with me, I had my heart set on getting to Harry Potter World in Orlando and had a feeling we may not convince our friends to join. 😉

IMG_1912.jpg IMG_1911.jpg


Our second day in Naples was perfect. We started off with a long run/walk on the beach and spent the day relaxing on the sand and by the pool. I had ingredients on-hand for a dinner I’d been dying to try- seafood risotto courtesy of EatLiveRun. (try it, trust me!)

Since we had no plans to go out, I showered and threw on some old clothes to cook in and was shocked when Jim offered to help. (not that he’s not helpful, but the kitchen is typically my domain) The risotto was ready just in time for a sunset dinner and drinks on the balcony.

IMG_1631.JPG IMG_1629.JPG

Although I was pleasantly stuffed from the risotto, I didn’t want the perfect day to end and suggested a walk to Ben & Jerry’s. Little did I know I played right into the plan. 😉

We decided to watch the sun completely set and walked along the shore as the sun slowly sank. After capturing about 100 sunset shots on my camera, I turned back up the beach ready for that ice cream. Instead, Jim grabbed me in a hug (odd), said lots of sweet things (even more odd, but I want that ice cream!), and then got down on one knee (cue freak out!).

Obviously I said yes, and forgetting all about the ice cream we hurried back to the condo to call everyone. Turns out my parents weren’t surprised because Jim had asked my dad!  He even had a bottle of my favorite champagne chilled in the fridge and ready to go. 🙂

I’m not one to wish away a vacation, but I spent the remaining 5 days itching to get home so the wedding planning could begin….


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