Fall Friday

Looky what I had this morning!!!!

Photo 1.jpg

First pumpkin spice of the season! My stomach can’t handle a coffee latte so I have a tea latte with skim and a shot of pumpkin. aka Heaven.

Puppy girl and I were out and about bright and early this morning because Jim needed a ride to work, and of course I had to take full advantage of the Starbucks across the street. šŸ˜‰

Sydney thought my drink smelled pretty darn good. Sorry pup, caffeine is for humans.

Photo 2.jpg

Although it was super early according to my schedule for the past few months, the warm, spicy drink, cool air and changing leaves has me totally in the mood for fall!

When we got back to my parents’, breakfast was in order. The usual, obviously, with a side of blogs and some celebrity gossip.


I’m planning to make the most of my last Friday as a non-working lady. (I start a long-term substitute position next Thursday!) A little fall closet-cleaning is in order, followed by a workout and walk with the pup before our tennis match this afternoon. My dad & little brother are out crabbing this morning so we’re hoping for a dinner of steamed crabs later!

Happy Friday!


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