The Two Monsters

Busy day of running errands with Mom today!  First up was lunch at one of our favorite spots- Panera! 

The thing about Panera is that it’s generally thought of as a healthy option for fast food, but it really depends on what you order!  A pick 2 deal or full size salad can quickly consume a lot of your daily calorie intake!  I usually pair a low-cal soup or salad and sandwich, but the cool fall weather had me craving soup today!  I opted for my favorite tomato soup with a whole wheat baguette on the side. 

ImageI’m a notorious bread monster, so I immediately wrapped up the baguette and stuck it in my purse… I have plans to turn it into croutons and freeze them for a future salad or soup bowl at home. 😉 

After lunch we buzzed through Kohls, Target and TJ’s (where I scored a new pair of workout capris!) before rushing home to walk Sydney before tennis practice.  While I may be the bread monster, my little cutie pie has become a chew-everything monster as she loses her baby teeth.  

Unfortunately today she set her sights on Mom’s new kitchen cabinets. 


Yes, it’s horrible.  And yes that’s the perp’s cute little nose to the side, sleeping and totally unaware that she’s done any wrong.  

After we finally calmed down a bit, I had just enough time to take Sydney on a 2-mile loop before practice.  

I usually spend most of practice feeding balls, but this afternoon I threw myself into the mix for some doubles action and a little bonus workout.  We’re headed to the fair tonight & I’ve got my heart set on a gyro! 😉




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